Reflective Pink and Yellow Honeycomb Arrow Wraps


Reflective Pink and Yellow Honeycomb Arrow Wraps.  Available with optional numbering.  Sold in 15pc packs.


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Our reflective wraps are available in lengths from 3″ to 5″.  They are perfect for hunting setups or anyone that shoots in low light.  You can add the shorter tracers to the top or bottom of our regular wraps or you can go full on reflective with the wraps up to 5″ long.  Use these in the field when hunting or shooting in low light.  Shine a flashlight on them and watch them explode with reflective light!

Our arrow wraps are a combination of style, durability and ease of use that makes it the best arrow wrap on the planet. All our arrow wraps come in a package of 15. We have multiple options in width and length, as well as, different designs available.

Every aspect of the White Water Archery wrap was carefully considered. From the thickness of vinyl and laminate armor to the color that is chosen to most closely match common fletching and vane colors. We want your wrap to be the perfect compliment to your arrows. Best of all designed, manufactured and shipped from right here in the USA!

Arrow Fit Chart:

  • .75″ – your smallest micro diameter arrows on the market. You arrow better be SMALL!
  • 1″ – fits most standard diameter carbon arrows from 500 spine and smaller.
  • 1.125″ – fits the stiffer spine arrows 400 spine and up, but not your fatboy style arrows! Also works well with the crossbow bolts.
  • 1.25″ fits most of the fatboy style carbon arrows around 23/64″.
  • 1.4″ is for only the largest circumference arrows available on the market: your 27/64”

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No Numbering, Numbering – $2.00

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