3d Scoring – Bi Color 10 Ring – IBO Center Bullseye 5″ Decals


3d Scoring – Bi Color 10 Ring – IBO Center Bullseye 5″ Decals.  16 different color options that can also be assorted by background colors.  Sold in 9 pc packs.

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3d target scoring ring decals are used to brighten up your scoring rings for target practice at home or at the range.

Have you ever wished you had a way to see the scoring rings better when at home practicing?  This is the answer!  These 3d scoring ring decals are the standard 5″ size for all the major competition with a 1.5″ center bullseye.  Choose from 16 colors variations.

You can also buy our 1.5″ 3d target decals to brighten up your 12 or 14 rings.

Sold in 9 pc packs so you should have plenty of scoring decals to last  you the entire season.

What makes our scoring rings better than the paper junk you buy at the big box stores?   We use the same vinyl used for our arrow wraps.  This gives us superior adhesives to help your scoring ring decals stay on the target longer and the vinyl is actually much more durable than paper dots.  It can be shot many many times before needing to be replaced.  Buy from White Water Archery and you can count on getting the best!

* Do not apply to a wet target.



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Chartreuse/Limegreen, Chartreuse/Orange, Chartreuse/Pink, Chartreuse/White, Limegreen/Chartreuse, Limegreen/Orange, Limegreen/Pink, Limegreen/White, Pink/Chartreuse, Pink/Limegreen, Pink/Orange, Pink/White, White/Chartreuse, White/Limegreen, White/Orange, White/Pink


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