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How to install an arrow wrap

Installing arrow wraps is easy and really makes your arrows look unique and amazing.  Just a few steps and maybe 15 seconds and you have your wrap installed!

Start here:

1.)  Wipe the arrow shaft down with alcohol to clean any dirt and oils off the shaft.

2.)  Peel the wrap off and lay it down sticky side up.  Make sure you have the proper alignment (nock end of wrap on nock end of shaft.)

3.)  Roll the arrow up to the wrap and make sure the gap is the exact same distance between the wrap and arrow the full length of the wrap.

4.)  Roll the arrow over the wrap with even pressure, using both hands.  Stop about halfway through the roll and make sure that first edge of the wrap is laid down smooth.

5.)  Finish out the roll until it is on completely.  Make sure the wrap is overlapping by at least .10″ and is down nice and flush.

VERY IMPORTANT:  If there is not enough overlap there is a chance the wrap will lift up.



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