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How much do White Water Archery arrow wraps weigh?

By March 24, 2021Archery


We get questions all the time about how much our wraps weigh, so we though we’d do a video and post showing that. Our wraps come in several different versions and all have different weights.  Here is a breakdown of the results shown in the video.

All the wraps in the video are 5×1″ so everything is compared with the same specs.

Standard wraps @ 5″ x 1″ weighed 6.6 grains which works out to 1.32 grains per inch.

Standard Wraps with Laminate Armor @ 5″ x 1″ weighed 12.6 grains total for a 2.52 grains per inch.

Reflective Wraps @ 5″ x 1″ weighed 13.8 grains total for a 2.76 grains per inch.

Fluorescent Wraps @ 5″ x 1″ weighed 8.4 grains total for a 1.68 grains per inch.

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